Gas To Liquids



  • Velocys reactor

    Velocys reactor

  • CompactGTL reactor

    CompactGTL reactor

  • Sasol reactor

    Sasol reactor

  • Inside of the Shell reactor

    Inside of the Shell reactor

Gas to Liquids is a refinery process to convert natural gas (associated oil gas) into high-quality transport fuels and other high-purity petrochemical products. Sasol and Shell are leaders in GTL today. The Fischer-Tropsch (FT) reactor developed by Sasol is a slurry-type reactor (height: 60 m, diameter: 10 m, weight: about 2500 tones). Shell uses conventional tubular FT multi-channel reactors with a fixed-bed catalyst. Velocys and Compact GTL work with microchannel reactors. Their technologies are applicable for smaller-scale facilities with stranded oil and gas resources and for offshore.


Microchannel reactor cell structure

Microchannel reactors make it possible to assemble processing plants using individual modules. This means that the plants become very mobile, can be quickly constructed, successully maintained and optimized in the future.