What we do

From October 2012 through 2014 Clean Energy worked together with Linc Energy on UCG-GTL (Underground Coal Gasification – Gas-to-Liquids) Project in Chukotka).
The project was dedicated to production of diesel oil with a view to ensuring the domestic fuel demand in the remote region.
All coal deposits in Chukotka were reviewed with respect to their development by the technology of underground coal gasification followed by diesel oil production. The existing power utilities were reviewed in details and recommendations for further construction of production and processing facility were issued.

Date October, 2012
Location Chukotka, Russia
Partners Linc Energy

Lay out of Anadyr coal sites

Location of the explored coal sites

View from the Dionisiya hill to the Anadyr coal basin (western part)

Starting from March 2014 we work with Velocys and Ventech on GTL (gas-to-liquids) project on two selected sites – Zapadno-Ozernoye gas field (Chukotka Autonomous Region) and Bortovoy licensed site (Saratov Region).

Purpose: production of high-quality pure diesel oil.
We assess available infrastructure and identify the best locations for construction of processing facilities considering specific climate conditions in Chukotka. We also review technical conditions of power facilities adjoining the gas field and assess possible options of integration with other facilities.

Date March, 2014
Location Chukotka and Saratov region, Russia
Partners Velocys