Last events

New method of formic acid production

There was a trip to Novosibirsk on the 17th November where we learned about the results of the formic acid production pilot plant based on developments of Boreskov Institute of Catalysis in Novosibirsk and conducted negotiations with Academician Parmon, Chief Scientific Officer of the Institute of Catalysis. Specialists of the IInstitute of Catalysis have developed a new method of formic acid production based on formaldehyde catalytic oxidation applying the gas-phase oxygen from air. The key component of the technology is the oxide vanadium-titanic catalyst providing a high-selectivity process with the temperature rate between 110 and 140 °С. Formaldehyde required for the process is received from methanol oxidation on conventional iron-molybdenum catalyst. This is an environmentally safe technology that excludes hazardous liquid effluents and gas emissions.

Meeting with OCSiAl

On the 1st July the specialists of Clean energy and Invest AG had a working meeting with OCSiAl representatives and main shareholders, and namely with Yuri Koropachinsky, Chief of the Board of Directors, and Mikhail Predtechensky, Member of the Board of Directors. The topic of the dialogue was the research of single-wall carbon nanotubes used inside the electrodes for fuel cells. During the meeting the specialists of Clean energy got acquainted with the single-wall nanotubes production technology and learned about the progress of works on the 2nd phase reactor construction. The capacity of the Nanotube reactor is 50 tons per year.

Meeting with GenCell

From June 22nd to 24th the representatives of Clean energy had discussions with Gennady Finkelstein and Yossi Salomon from GenCell, Tel-Aviv, Israel and got to know the particularities of fuel cell technology based on ammonia (NH3) as a hydrogen source and dedicated for telecom tower power solutions and power backup solutions for network operation centers.

Visit to Wilton

Representatives of Clean Energy have conducted acquaintance with Gas2 company in Wilton, research petrochemical center. In that center is located the GTL pilot plant of Gas2 company. Scottish company Gas2 has developed a catalytic ceramic based porous membrane.

Meeting with Global GTLF and Engenuity

From February 10 to February 12, 2015 representatives of Clean Energy have conducted several meetings with representatives of Global GTLF and Engenuity in Tel-Aviv, Israel where they discussed steam-carbon-dioxide reforming technology based on zinc catalyst applied in 9 m high small-scale reactors.

Ventech completes its works under the contract

Ventech has presented the results of its study for Saratov and Chukotka GTL projects. The presentation took place in Ventech office in Houston. The final report will be submitted in the nearest time.

Completion of works under the contract with Foster Wheeler

Foster Wheeler has completed its study of various syngas use technologies, such as MSW conversion to electric power/liquid fuels and natural gas conversion to liquid fuels, and performed the economic analysis of such projects ranked according to their economic attractiveness. Currently we are planning a trip of our representatives to the United Kingdom to discuss the study results and visit a MSW processing facility on AlterNRG  project site in Tees Valley.

Visit to CompactGTL plant

Clean Energy management team had a working visit to CompactGTL pilot plant 20 bpd in Wilton, UK. Also, we had a negotiations with company management in head office Abingdon, UK.

Visit to Saratov

In Saratov region the delegation had a look at Karpenskoye gas processing plant with a view to possibly integrate the existing facility with a new GTL plant.

Working trip with Ventech

Within the framework of the agreement with Ventech for feasibility study of the GTL technology implementation within the Russian Federation the management team of Clean Energy together with Ventech representatives had a working visit to Saratov and Anadyr (Chukotka Autonomous Region) from 17th through 24th July 2014.

Visit to Chukotka

There was a meeting held with Roman Kopin, the Governor of Chukotka Autonomous Region to discuss the results of the trip to Chukotka and prospects for construction of a modular synthetic diesel fuel production plant using natural gas from Zapadno-Ozernoye gas field in Chukotka Autonomous Region.
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Meeting with CompactGTL

On 14th May 2014 we had a meeting with CompactGTL . The management team of Clean Energy reviewed the particularities of CompactGTL technology and the main differences between CompactGTL and Velocys technologies.

Meeting with Foster Wheeler

On 13th May 2014 the management team of Clean Energy had a meeting with representatives of Foster Wheeler in Reading, UK. The result of this meeting was signing an agreement for execution of a study of various GTL-technology developers.